Wagyu Tasting Course with Usunaga-san’s Wagyu.

Wagyu x Creative x Sustainable
『Humans of Wagyu x リストランテerre × 神戸うすなが牧場』

純但馬うすなが牛 フルコース

Who grows, produces and eats with whom?


今や世界各国で愛される和牛。その味わい、生産者、食文化に魅了された、和牛コミュニティ-Humans of Wagyu-のプロデュースチーム×リストランテ erre -エッレ-が、神戸の西に位置する神戸うすなが牧場で育てられた和牛 “うすなが牛“を、クリエイティブな料理で味わい尽くすうすなが和牛の限定テイスティングメニューのフルコースをご提供します。

ブラジルに生まれ育ち、数え切れないほどの肉を囲んだ人々との時間を過ごしてきたHumans of Wagyu プロデューサーのgui、そしてSeila。日本に来て、日本の肥育現場の美しさ、誰が育てたのかが分かるトレーサビリティの誠実な仕組み、そして真摯に牛たちと向き合う生産者たちの虜になったと言います。



What’s in your Wagyu Experience?



Wagyu beef is loved all over the world. Fascinated by the taste, producers and culinary culture, on June 29th and 30th, Humans of Wagyu x Ristorante erre will organize a limited Wagyu Tasting Course where you can experience Pure Tajima Usunaga Beef” raised on the Kobe Usunaga Farm, located west of Kobe, with our creative cuisine.
Gui from Humans of Wagyu has spent countless hours with people around fire and meat, and was captivated by the depth of Wagyu, including the integrity of traceability, and years of knowledge and experience developed from generation to generation. From this passion, Gui and Seila created Humans of Wagyu to share the stories of people in the Wagyu industry, from the farmers to the distributors to the consumers.
Ristorante erre’s concept revolves around “Respect the Roots” and is focused around respecting the ingredients, the producers, the natural environment around them, and the food culture that emerges from it. The restaurant uses these elements and prepares creative cuisine using unpredictable and primitive cooking methods such as wood-fired cooking and fermentation
What’s in your Wagyu Experience?

The deliciousness of Wagyu Beef goes without saying, but it is more common to have the opportunity to eat familiar parts such as the loin or fillet. This time, in cooperation with Usunaga Ranch, we will transform unfamiliar parts into highly creative dishes and eat them up with knowledge, skill and gratitude. We hope that this will be a time for people to feel the connection behind the culture of Wagyu Beef, while enjoying it sustainably and creatively.



・場所:erre(〒650-0004 兵庫県神戸市中央区中山手通1-22-13 ヒルサイドテラス2F
・料金:コース料理(全11皿)20,000円(消費税込)※サービス料 別

・Place: erre (Hillside Terrace 2F, 1-22-13 Nakayamate-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0004)
・Number of persons: 8 persons per session
・Price: 20,000 yen for a course meal, 10,000 yen for a drink pairing (consumption tax and service charge included).
・Entry: contact erre on Instagram or by phone (078-862-6674).

What’s in your Wagyu Experience?


About the Team

Humans of Wagyu

プロデューサー:Gui Fagundes , Seila Mori Fagundes

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